To become a voting member, an attorney must be an active member in good standing of the California State Bar or an active member of the judiciary in California.
Membership requires approval of the membership application submitted and payment of dues. Regular members may vote, serve on the Executive committee, or as an officer or section chair.
Dues are $60 per year, payable on the January 1st .
Half-year membership is available after July 1 to lawyers who have not previously been members, at the rate of $30.


Is available to:

Persons Enrolled in law school
Inactive members of California Bar (not retired)
Persons who have rendered distinguished service to the community or to any federal, state or local governmental agency or authority,
Persons who provide goods or services to members of the legal profession
Associate members may participate in Association activities but may not vote.
Dues are $25 per year, payable on January 1st.



Is offered to:

Retired attorneys
Members of judiciary
Honorary members may participate in Association activities but may not vote or serve as Officers.
For more information, READ the BYLAWS

To become a member, complete the Application. Please send us a check for dues and a current business card to:
PO Box 1473
Nevada City, CA 95959