We invite you to become a member of the Nevada County Bar Association

We’re here to provide you with the resources and services that’ll help you thrive in your legal practice, right here in Nevada County. As a member of NCBA, you become part of a tight-knit community of local attorneys, community advocates, and people who want to see you succeed.

Networking Opportunities

Expand your professional network, build relationships, and establish connections with colleagues, potential clients, mentors, and referral sources.

You can count on us to provide low-cost Mandatory Continuing Legal Education programs and help you find quality CLE programs to further your professional growth.

Community Involvement

We produce and sponsor the annual Essay Scholarship awards, inviting essay submissions from area high school juniors and seniors on topics of law. Awards are presented at the annual Law Day dinner.


NCBA sponsors events such as “Candidates Night” for local elections, judicial candidate plebiscites, and candidates forums. We have also sponsored the award-winning Nevada Union Debate Team.

Peer Support

Being part of a professional community can provide a support network where you can seek guidance, share knowledge, and find solutions to challenges you may encounter in your legal practice.

Professional Visibility

Joining your local Bar Association can contribute to your professional reputation and enhance your visibility within the legal community. It demonstrates your commitment to maintaining high professional standards.